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This is the international homepage of The Danish Ecological Council. 

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International news from The Danish Ecological Council:

We can reduce energy poverty with renewable energy

Renewable energy is an effective step to combat energy poverty in the world.

Read the interview from GreenMatch with Søren Dyck-Madsen from The Ecological Council.  




Greenland's Parliament rejects referendum on uranium mining

Greenland’s Parliament has, with a small majority, rejected a proposal to have a referendum on reinstatement of the uranium ban. The proposal would have given the electorate an opportunity to stop the huge Kvanefjeld uranium mining project.

NGOs seek halt to REFIT check on non-REACH laws

Nine NGOs have asked the European Commission to halt its "regulatory fitness" check on chemical legislation. They want it to first issue and consult on a roadmap document for the process. The NGOs express concern, that the non -REACH Chemicals REFIT process fails to comply with Better Regulation guidelines. The essential roadmaps need to be in place.


New e-book on chemicals
in politics and everyday life

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