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Green taxes: We have made a proposal for a green tax reform in Denmark and we inform about the advantages and obstacles of green tax reforms, including experience from other countries.

We participate in the newsletter Green Budget Europe.

We have made plans for creation of green jobs with energy and other fields.


Green taxes

Download information about our views on green taxes here:

Get an overview of the most important green taxes in Denmark and examples from other progressive countries in the fact sheets below, including both advantages and challenges of the taxes.

Fact Sheet: Financing renewable electricity >>
Fact Sheet: Motor vehicle taxation >>
Fact Sheet: Taxes on nutrients - nitrogen >
Fact Sheet: Taxing biomass for energy and avoiding competitive distortion with heat pumps 

pdf Fact Sheet: The Danish Tax on Pesticides >> (672 KB) pdf
(561 KB)
pdf Fact Sheet: The Swedish NOx tax >>
(621 KB)
pdf Fact Sheet: The Danish Tax on Plastic Bags >>
(685 KB)
pdf Fact Sheet: The Danish Packaging Tax, Volume-based >> (646 KB)
pdf Fact Sheet: The Danish Packaging Tax. Weight-based >> (468 KB)
pdf Fact Sheet: Green taxes - Financing the Welfare State >> (567 KB)

A green tax shift increase taxes on environmental and societal harmful activities, but reduce taxes on labour, which encourages job  creation. Tax what you burn, not what you earn.
pdf Environmental fiscal reform and employment >> 
(465 KB)

Read more about some of the most successful environmental taxes in Denmark. We have chosen a mix of different taxes: water taxes, carbon tax, taxes on PVC with phthalates, waste taxation, car taxes, etc.
pdf The most succesfull environmental taxes in Denmark >> (1.30 MB)

It is possible to tax business' energy consumption without harming their competitiveness significantly.
pdf Environmental Fiscal Reform without harming competitiveness >> (260 KB)

Green taxes can be added without turning the heavy end down, if tax increases are part of a larger tax package. pdf
Memo on Social Inequality >> (208 KB)

In 2009, a very ambitious green tax reform with increasing green taxes and declining income tax, was made. Since then the green taxes for businesses has declined.
pdf Environmental taxation – changes since 2009 >> (208 KB)

Increasing taxes are not the reason for the Danish loss of competitiveness. But tax cuts for business was the only instrument that could quickly improve competitiveness. Many years of designing taxes to support business processes was lost.
pdf Taxes and Competitiveness >> (698 KB)

The PSO tariff in Denmark is a tax similar tariff. Financing the expansion of renewable energy over the energy bill rather than through budget law entails several advantages.
pdf PSO in Denmark >> (521 KB)

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