Buildings and Housing



pdf Climate and Energy activities at The Ecological Council
(1.26 MB)
Presentation by Christian Ege at Danish Energy, August 17, 2017

The Business case for Energy Efficiency
Conference in Bruxelles May 31, 2017. 

Renovons - Renovation of homes : NEB impacts at macro economic level – French case (479 KB) 
Danfoss - Energy savings in Danfoss - focus on Nordborg Campus (1.72 MB) 
EA Energy Analyses - How can NEBs be included in the business case for energy efficiency investments? (779 KB)
COOP - Energy optimization programme (1.65 MB)

pdf The Danish tax on mineral phosphorus tax added to animal feed >>
(1.19 MB)
Presentation by Christian Ege at The European Workshop in Copenhagen; "Water quality: new and old threats - what roles for economic instruments?", april 3rd, 2017

Energy efficiency

Conference, Bruxelles May 31, 2017. The Danish Ecological Council.

The conference focused on the many beneficial effects of ambitious efforts in energy efficiency.
pdf Renovons - Renovation of homes : NEB impacts at macro economic level – French case (479 KB)
pdf Danfoss - Energy savings in Danfoss - focus on Nordborg Campus (1.72 MB)
pdf EA Energy Analyses - How can NEBs be included in the business case for energy efficiency investments?
(779 KB)
pdf COOP - Energy optimization programme (1.65 MB)


pdf Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals - according to REACH regulation
(1.08 MB)
Presentation by Lone Mikkelsen 29. September 2016 at Copenhagen Chemicals Summit arranged by Chemical Watch

Biogas for heavy vehicles document
(2.23 MB)
Presentation by Christian Ege, The Ecological Council, at the workshop by HMN Naturgas and Transportens Innovationsnetværk in Søborg, 6. June 2016 
document Download presentation >> (2.23 MB)

Dieselgate - the VW emissions scandal 
Public meeting 20. April 2016 at 15-17:30 in Politikens hus, Copenagen.

Fixing #Dieselgate
Presentation by Greg Archer, Transport & Environment
pdf Download presentation (989 KB)

Europes diesel car boom
Presentation by Prof. Dr. Eckard Helmers, Environment Campus Birkenfeld
pdf Download presentation (313 KB)

Dieselgate: Danish perspective
Presentation by Kåre Press-Kristensen, The Ecological Council
pdf Download presentation (455 KB)

Inefficient fuel consumption
Presentation by Jeppe Juul, The Ecological Council
pdf Download presentation (485 KB)

Clean Air meeting in Bruxelles
Presentation by Kåe Press-Kristensen, The Ecological Council, spring 2016
pdf Download presentation >>  (1.33 MB)




Enforcement of sulphur regulation for shipping in the European Parliament
Presentation in the European Parliament by Kåre Press-Kristensen,The Ecological Council, fall 2015
pdf Download presentation >> (796 KB)

Conference in Bruxelles: Sustainable future for EU farming?
On March 4th 2015 EEB, The Ecological Council and BirdLife Europe hosted a conference on ’The sustainable future of EU Agriculture’ in the European Parliament.
See the programme here >>
pdf Looking to the Future: 4 Scenarios for Future Farming
(4.17 MB)
Presentation by Christian Ege, The Ecological Council, Tommy Dalgaard, Aarhus University, and Alex Dubgaard, University of Copenhagen.




Nanotechnology – are the lessons learned?
Presentation by Lone Mikkelsen, Carlsberg, 24. June 2014
default Download presentation >> (847 KB)

Public meeting about the free trade agreement betweet EU and USA
23. April 2014, Politikens Hus

Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - Implications for Environmental Regulation
Presentation by Baskut Tuncak, (Center for International Environmental Law), USA
default Download presentation >> (1.40 MB)

EU-US Free trade agreement - a threat to climate and environment?
Presentation by Peter Bay Kirkegaard, (Danish Industry)
default Download presentation >> (647 KB)

Free Trade Agreement – a threat to environment and climate ?!
Presentation by Benedicte Federspiel, (Danish Consumer's union and the European Consumers Organization, BEUC)
default Download presentation >> (3.25 MB)

The Impacts of Uranium Mining in Greenland and the Rest of the World
International Conferences in Nuuk and Copenhagen 25. March 2014

Uranium mining in Australia and the uses of uranium
Presentation by Helen Caldicott
Download presentation >> (audio)

Environmental and health impacts of the Kuannersuit mining project
Presentation by Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen
default Download presentation >> (3.39 MB)   default
(488 KB)

The Rigsfællesskab, Non-proliferation and Uranium
Presentation by Cindy Vestergaard
default Download presentation >> (347 KB)

Presentation by Christian Ege at DIS, Copenhagen 19.02.2014
default Download presentation >> (2.58 MB)

default (2.58 MB)



Danish Practices and Experiences with Energy Efficiency
Presentation by Søren Dyck-Madsen at conference in Warszawa, Poland under the title "Modernising and Growing the Polish Economy with Energy Efficiency" by The Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
default Download the presentation >> (1.50 MB)

Substitution of hazardous chemicals

Presentation by Christian Ege at RUC 30.09.2013

default Download presentation >> (1.77 MB)

What is Green Growth?

Presentation by Christian Ege at Danida meeting 24.09.2013
default Download presentation >> (3.39 MB)

Copenhagen as a model city
Presentation by Kåre Press-Kristensen held at workshops in Vienna and Berlin.
Read/download the presentation:  default Copenhagen as a model City >> (1.51 MB) (1.51 MB)

The Danish Energy shift, the Costs and Benefits for Society and who Bears the Costs
Presentation by Søren-Dyck-Madsen at Conference in Vienna 26.06.2013. The conference was held by the Austrian NatureFriends and the Austrian Social Democratic Party. 
Read/download the presentation: default The Danish Energy shift >> (774.22 kB) (774 KB)

State of the art, nano registry – and the NGO position
Presentation by Lone Mikkelsen Presentation by Lone Mikkelsen on June 20, 2013, at European Environmental Bureau (EEB) meeting.
Introduction to a joint NGO position paper on a EU-based nano registry.
Read download the presentation: default State of the Art >> (645.88 kB) (645 KB)

Late lessons from early warning
Presentation by Steffen Foss Hansen (DTU) on June 20, 2013, at European Environmental Bureau (EEB) meeting.
The presentation was held as part of the project ”Better regulation of chemicals”, which is a coorperation between The Danish Ecological Council and the Technical University of Denmark and financially supported by Villum Fonden.
See presentation here: default Late lessons from early warning >> (2.59 MB) (2.59 MB)

Seminar with Baltic Associations for Consumer Protection
Seminar with Baltic Associations for Consumer Protection held 20.6.2013 at The Ecological Council.
Find presentations from the Seminar here: Seminar with Baltic Associations for Consumer Protection >>

The Danish Ecological Council at this years SETAC conference in Glasgow (May 2013)
The challenge of protecting the global environment whilst also enabling the innovative use of chemicals and other substances in new technologies, industry or agriculture is the focus on this conference. This international conference brings together experts from government, industry, consultancy, and academia together to meet this challenge. As a part of the Villum-project “Better Regulation of Chemicals” we presented two posters. Following the posters in the attached documents are abstracts with short introductions to the scientific fields.
Poster presented by Katrine Banke Nørgaard (RUC) - "A case study on chemical mixtures in sewage sludge: Chemical composition and toxicity in the environment.” Read/download: default SETAC_poster og abstract >> (856.97 kB) (856 KB)

default (856 KB) Poster presented by The Ecological Council – “Scientific evidence justifies the inclusion of endocrine disrupters, mixture effects and nanomaterials in EU legislation – we need action now.” Read/download: default SETAC poster (2) (527.93 kB) (527 KB)  and  default Abstract (296.91 kB) (296 KB)

default (296 KB)

What we learned from BOLIG+
Presentation by Søren Dyck-Madsen at Zero Energy Building Konference 30.04.2013
default Download the presentation here >> (880.33 kB) (880 KB)

default (880 KB)

The air quality in Copenhagen
Presentation by Kaare Press-Kristensen 13.02.2013
See presentation here >>

Wood burning in Denmark
Presentation by Kaare Press-Kristensen 14.02.2013
See presentation here >>

Ultrafine particles in airports
Presentation by Kaare Press-Kristensen 31.01.2013
See presentation here >>

View from European NGOs on mixture assessment
Presentation held by Lone Mikkelsen in Berlin the 30.01.2013 for The Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) at a workshop regarding mixture effects. 
default Download the presentation here (630.34 kB) (630 KB)  or read it here:



Substitution of hazardous chemicals

Presentation held by Christian Ege in Paris the 6th of December for EEB 2nd 2012 Chemicals/Nano Working Group meeting at Centre International de Séjour Ravel
default Download the presentation here (1.48 MB) (1.48 MB)  or read it here:

Danish Experience within Increasing Energy Efficiency

Presentation by Søren Dyck-Madsen in Warszawa the 27th November 2012 for the World Energy Council and the polich Ministry of Economy.
default Download the presentation here (1.01 MB) (1.01 MB)  or read it here:

 Danish Experiences with Green Tax Reforms – and Lessons Learned

Presentation for american students at DIS the 7th November 2012 by Søren Dyck-Madsen
default Download the presentation here (1.33 MB) (1.33 MB)  or read it here:

 Hazardous chemicals can be substituted

Held in Aalborg the 24.09.12
default Download the presentation here (1.37 MB) (1.37 MB)

The need for maritime action
Presentation by Kaare Press-Kristensen 06.08.2012
See presentation here >>




New Nordic Goals – Smart Solutions

7.12.11 in Durban
default 111207_durban_new_nordic_goals_sdm (353.38 kB) (353 KB)

Conference: After GDP - how do we meassure progress?

Prosperity without growth – Where is the new economy?

Tim Jackson, Professor in surstainable development, University of Surrey and economic Commissioner for the British sustainability commission from 2004 until its abandonment in 2011

default Download presentation (1.18 MB) (1.18 MB)

The OECD beyond GDP

Marco Mira d'Ercole, Statistics Directorate
default Download presentation (2.52 MB) (2.52 MB)

Measuring progress in France: Implementing the recommendations from the Stiglitz commission
Claire Plateau, Senior adviser at the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies and coordinator of the implementation of the recommendations of the Stiglitz Commission.
default Download presentation (787.77 kB) (787 KB)

Green growth and climate change – Competitiveness Index
Dr. Myung Kyoon Lee, Senior economist and director of Country Capacity Building & Knowledge Integration at Global Green Growth Institute in South Korea
default Download presentation (1.14 MB) (1.14 MB)

Insights from EU externality research
Prof. Mikael Skou Andersen, Environment economist at European Environment Agency
default Download presentation (3.84 MB) (3.84 MB)

Diet for a Clean Baltic

Conference the 26th of October 2011 in Copenhagen
See all presentations here

 Conference: Taxation, Innovation and Communication: Enhancing the prospects for green fiscal reform

Held at The European Environmental Agency on Kgs. Nytorv, September 15-16 2011
See all presentations here

The double benefit of biogas 

Presentation made at a conference in Dalian, China, 28.4.2011
110428_dalian_pres_transport_dk (712.41 kB)

Danish Experiences with Green Tax Reforms – and Lessons Learned 

Held at the Green Budget Europe confernce in Lissabon, April 19 2011
110419_green_taxation_efr_portugal_sdm (2.56 MB)




Cleaner shipping

Conference held in Copenhagen , November 29, 2010
See all presentations here


How can NGOs influence environmental policies nationally and in the EU?

Holdt på RUC, d. 25.10.2010
default 101025_ruc_ngo_ce (1.27 MB) (1.27 MB)

Stricter EU-regulation of CO2 from vans – an NGO position, 

1st Sep. 2010
default 100901_vans_t-and_e (3.36 MB) (3.36 MB)

Taxation on passenger cars in the Nordic countries – behavioural impact of car taxation and the promotion of electrical cars through tax policy in Denmark

Paper IAEE European Conference, Vilnius, 25.-28.august 2010
Conference site:
Author: Anne-Mette Wehmüller, Policy officer, The Danish Ecological Council
default 100810_vilnius_presentation_ecocouncil (150.47 kB) (150 KB)

Danish Experiences with Green Tax Reforms – and Lessons Learned

Held at the conference: Green Budget Europe Annual Conference i Budapest, July 8. – 9.  2010
default 100808_green_taxation_budapest_sdm (1.86 MB) (1.86 MB)
See all presentations from the conference here

Traffic related taxes in the 5 Nordic countries

Project to the Nordic Council of Ministers
T&E seminar 19 March 2010
default 100319_NCM_T&Cmeeting (472.8 kB) (472 KB)




Danish Increasing CO2 Emissions and the Lack of Energy Savings Incentives

Danish 92-Group Side-event December at COP15
default 091213_cop15_sdm.pdf (1.5 MB) (1.50 MB)

What to do and what might happen at COP15

Energy Crossroads den 30.11.09
default 091130 Cop15 Sdm (577.62 kB) (577 KB)

Climate and Energy – how to create a win-win

Aalborg, 10 November 2009
default 091128 Aau Climate Energy Ce (1.14 MB) (1.14 MB)

Presentations from training of Russian and Belarusian NGOs in chemicals policy

Minsk, 18-19 November 2009
All presentations

Danish Practice, Lessons and Proposal

Environmental Fiscal Reform and it’s Contribution to a Green Economy Konference, Madrid, 26.11.09
default 091126_green_taxation_madrid (3.17 MB) (3.17 MB)

Danish Experiences and Lessons for EU Policies 

Energy Efficient Heating AND Cooling og Buildings – Will the EU Ecodesign policy deliver appropriate savings?
Held at the EU-Parlamentet i Bruxelles, 14.10.09
default 091020_cool_products_conf_bruxeles_sdm (2 MB) (2.00 MB)

2nd training for RU and BY NGOs on chemicals management issues

29-30 June, St. Petersburg, Russia
All presentations

Air pollution, CO and traffic in Denmark and EU

At Trekanten, Center for Miljø, Kalvebod Brygge 45, Copenhagen 11.05.09
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Sustainable Buildings, Climate and the Energy System

Presentation at the conference in the network PREPARE, 16.4.09
default 090416_prepare_sdm (4.82 MB) (4.82 MB)

Green Tax reform in an EU member state

Presentation at the climate conference of Arhus University, Beyond Kyoto 6.3.09
default 20090306_greentaxreform_eu (976.56 kB) (976 KB)

Reduction of green house gasses – an integrated and global approach

Presentation at the climate conference of Arhus University, Beyond Kyoto 6.3.09
default 20090306_reduction_greenhousegasses (363.19 kB) (363 KB)

International Conference on Green Taxes

held at Christiansborg, Copenhagen 29.01.2009
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Presentation: NGO and business cooperation

held on a conference in Prague called "Climate Change Strategies and Business"31.10.08
default Sdm Climate Strategies Business311008 (646.41 kB) (646 KB)

How does NGO's work

Globalization and International Governance, Copenhagen 23.10.08
default Sdm Ngos Work 231008 (5.17 MB) (5.17 MB)

The elements of an ambitious agreement in Copenhagen

Speech at the conference 'Mod Klimatopmødet i København 2009' 10.4.08
Read here

NGO’s and the Civil Society

Presentation at the conference Mod Klimatopmødet in Copenhagen 2009 10.4.08 default
Ngo Civil Society Role (1.17 MB) (1.17 MB)

Non Energy Benefits

Seminar 16.1.08
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